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The greed of the banks, the major obstacle of Android Pay in Spain

Android Pay mobile payment platform is Google launched the Google I/o 2016, but that even had before a first release as Google Wallet. However, despite the time of existence this platform, not yet available in Spain. And the fault is not Google, but the greed of the banks in our country.

Android Pay and his arrival to Spain

In Spain we have some of the largest banks in the world. It is the case of the Santander Bank, or it could also be the case of CaixaBank. Two banking very large groups, which are the main obstacle to the arrival of Android Pay in our country. And while it is true that, in general, Google has never given great importance to Spain what releases of its products is concerned, in the case of Android Pay, they are not the main culprits that the platform will not.

In fact, you could say that Google wins nothing with the platform. Apple Pay, charge a fee of 0.15% for each transaction performed with your platform. The Santander group, has already integrated their platform with Apple Pay. Something similar has happened in the case of CaixaBank with Samsung Pay. Although the latter do not charge Commission, they also work exclusively with the Spanish bank. Why? It’s not difficult to realize why when we see the different promotions that have these banks. Coincidentally, CaixaBank promotes many devices of Samsung, which even led to the Bank to leak the Galaxy S7 data before the release. The case of the Santander with Apple products is similar.

Android Pay Portada

Thus, we see economic interests with big companies that limit the arrival of different platforms to our country. Android Pay does not charge Commission, and would be available for a large number of devices in Spain. If the banks do not complete it is because they do not want to be a platform of Google which reaches as many users.

But the problem is not only of CaixaBank and grupo Santander, have agreements with manufacturers of mobile have their own platforms of payment, but also of those banks which do not have such an agreement but who do not want that other company may derive some benefit. These banks, which are all the others in Spain, (CaixaBank and Santander including, interestingly), they have come together to launch Bizum, a common platform of mobile payments right now only serves to make payments between users. It is not even a single platform, but is an infrastructure in which different banks have integrated into your system. More complexity to a system of payment, what ever users like.

While they insist on using this type of own platforms, and do not give the option that generalists platforms such as Android Pay come to Spain, we are going to follow and not be able to use mobile payments almost all users, because for the moment Apple Pay is limited to users who have an iPhone with NFC, and Samsung Pay only it can use a compatible Samsung users are not many models.

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