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The great idea of Samsung to not burn the Galaxy S8 pixels

Dead pixels, burned, damaged… TVs of yesteryear, when an image was fixed, there was the possibility of that is damaged this section of the screen is fixed. It is often referred to this as “screen burn”, or “burning pixels”. But Samsung has had a brilliant idea to avoid that this occurs with the Galaxy S8.

A button that modifies its place

One of the novelties of the Samsung Galaxy S8 regarding Samsung Mobiles that have been thrown at another time, is without doubt the fact that the physical navigation buttons, which were once present on all smartphones from Samsung’s market, now are no longer so. The company has finished with the physical Galaxy S8 navigation buttons.

In fact, these have been replaced by virtual buttons that we see on screen. In this way, the screen is larger, and although sometimes this section is occupied by the buttons, the truth is that when we use the fullscreen mode, such as seeing a movie, or playing a video game, we will have more useful screen surface.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Boton

Even so, in the mode Always-On Display, which is the way in which we have the screen always active, even when we turn off, thanks to the low consumption of the black color of Samsung AMOLED screens (only consumes battery illuminated pixels), there is a button that stays on, and is the Home button. This is almost always on in the lower section of the screen. And this could lead to being always lit pixels to be burned.¬†This would do that after a while, when the image changes, those pixels have been “burned”, and we can still see the button, when in reality it should be off.

The solution in the Samsung Galaxy S8

Great ideal have been in Samsung could even be considered as a bug if not shown accurately. The Home button is never in the same place, and it is never perfectly oriented. If we compare it at different times, we will see that is displaced one pixel to one side, or which has been modified the steering angle of the same. All of this is so that the button is not always in the same place, and thus to avoid pixel burning.

The article the great idea of Samsung to not burn the Galaxy S8 pixels was published in AndroidAyuda.

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