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The great demand for the Galaxy Note 7, a “blessed” problem for Samsung

Samsung is working very well this year. If have in has only their ships insignia, easily can speak of them best mobile of the 2016. If the Samsung Galaxy S7 already had much success, it seems that they have embroidered it with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They claim that they have even more demand than expected. I think that really expect it, but that this serves to promote even more a smartphone that aspires to be the best of the year.

A success overall, although simple

When you’re the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile, you have between your chances launch mobile features as a display curve, a glass design, or a S-Pen pointer, and in addition you’ve had success with a mobile in the first half of the year, hit by launching Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not complex. Samsung had the ingredients, and just had to follow the recipe demanded by the market. However, already have seen to many companies meet them ingredients appropriate and make ears deaf to the demands of the users. And that’s what that rating so much that Samsung has successful right with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A mobile phone that only has two problems. One of them is their price. It is an expensive mobile phone, Yes. The other is that still, many users want it buy, and seems that Samsung did not expect such a high demand. Most likely, yes actually hoped it, but this is the perfect situation to promote even more this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

Because of this, Samsung will have to work to intensify the process of production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Great problem for a company that has some of the factories of the world’s largest smartphones. If there is any company for which this issue is a “blessing”, that is without a doubt Samsung.

And it is that love to me whose user profile is the typical who buys a mobile Chinese high quality with a lower price than the of the flagships, this Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Already got that I love the Samsung Galaxy S7, but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have got embroidery it’s a way cool. For me, it is a special mobile phone, and the only one that could merit spend what it costs nowadays on the market. And apparently not only think I, but many more users, which will have to wait a little longer to receive mobile, due to its great success.

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