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The Google camera app will return to integrate the manual exposure

Mobiles are more and better options for the cameras. With mobile cameras we can already get a good quality, but the truth is that smartphones are starting to have options increasingly similar to the cameras of high level. And if the Google camera app finally incorporates the function of manual exposure with which a moment came to believe that he would have.

It was in earlier versions of Android N test appeared when this app from Google Chamber in which it was possible to modify the exposure of a photograph. What is the manual exposure? Basically we call “exhibition” in a photograph to the amount of light that captures, which can depend on several factors, such as the sensitivity ISO, shutter speed, or the opening of diaphragm. However, when we work in a more automatic way, still have the option in many cameras, and with many apps manually manage exposure to lower it or raise it some levels. The camera automatically performs relevant amendments to ISO, shutter and aperture diaphragm which are required to make the “exhibition” that we have selected.

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This feature is already present in some other photography apps, but was included in early versions of Android N. Google camera app Then it disappeared, and now finally it seems that it will once again be present. In this case, will be shown when have chosen an element to that focus, and will have a selector quite precise with which select exactly the level of exposure that want to modify.

Let us hope that this new feature will Google camera version for other earlier versions of the operating system though, that Yes, must also say it, will depend on each of the mobile allows to modify different settings for shooting. The good thing about the exhibition is that some mobile phones allow to modify some settings and others not, but being the one exhibition so generic, it is possible that the app is capable of changing that setting that Yes has access on the mobile. We will see.

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