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The GIFs come to WhatsApp, although still not fully

Previously announced that the GIFs would land on WhatsApp, and is now, with the latest Beta version, that this type of image is now available. Speak of them images animated that fill Internet by all sites, that do not have audio, and that now finally can include also in WhatsApp. At the moment, that Yes, we can not send all the GIFs you want, but curiously, only those who make from a video.

GIFs from videos

Those GIFs are images animated, without audio, that actually not are videos. In general, these are all online, and it’s easy to find them on social networks. Even is easy find after them big events, as the parties of football, “the best GIFs of…” [football match] “.” However, neither these nor the kittens GIFs can share them right now from WhatsApp, since at the moment, this option is not enabled. Interestingly, the complex, which is usually convert video to GIF, so we tend to resort to another application, is what is already available on WhatsApp. Equal that send a video, well is from our gallery, or is from our camera, we can send this as GIF if it reduce to six seconds. In the window that we can crop the video, if it does not exceed 6 seconds, we can press on the top right, the camera icon, so this change to GIF, and thus send one of these animated images.

WhatsApp Logo Portada

When are they coming definitely?

Now we can send already GIFs if have the last version Beta of WhatsApp that can download from its website. But the truth is that this version still does not include, as we have said, the possibility of including a GIF already in our gallery, but only we have a video that we have, that soon will be converted to GIF. Obviously, this last process is more complex, by what we can say that will be possible send GIFs standard when the version final of the app includes this feature.

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