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The Galaxy S8 front camera has optical image stabilization

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the phone of the moment, despite the recent launch of Xiaomi Mi 6. Mobile Chinese is quality, but it has nothing to do with Samsung mobile. Now we know another additional feature of the smartphone from Samsung, that have been published, and is not active, but that is really interesting, which is optical front camera image stabilization.

Optical image stabilization for the Samsung Galaxy S8

The optical image stabilisation is a must on any camera feature. It is based on preventing the movement of the image when we recorded that it is derived from how shaking our hand. The cameras feature accelerometers and motion sensors that are dedicated to capturing what the movement we do, and make up for it with an engine that physically moves the camera module to prevent this movement. Logically, if the movement is very abrupt, no stabilizer will be able to make up for it. However, it always contributes to a greater or lesser extent to this. These are better than the electronic stabilizers of image, that are responsible for stabilizing by software, but that make us lose image quality.

Galaxy S8 Camara Frontal

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it has been disassembled by youtuber JerryRigEverything, and found that the mobile account with an optical stabilizer of image in the front-facing camera. This means that we could record videoselfies with image stabilization, and can thus do without external stabilizers, which have prices that are above the 100 euros. Any youtuber will know how useful that would be this.

However, we don’t talk about something confirmed, because while Yes this stabilization has the smartphone, it is also true that Samsung has never announced it, and we have no way to use it. I.e., it seems that it is present in the mobile hardware, but it is not functional. Maybe Samsung wanted to prove this image stabilization, but finally found errors or failed to make it work correctly, which would lead to that it had omitted to announce this feature.

It remains to be seen if in the future you just using, and activates the possibility of using optical image stabilisation of the front camera, something that could come in the form of software update for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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