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The folding screen Samsung would be in 2017 IFA

After many rumours about the launch of Samsung mobile folding screen, it seems that at last definitely the smartphone could appear. The latest information, tell us that the phone could be present in IFA 2017, the event which will be held in the city of Berlin in the second half of this year.

Folding mobile Samsung

There when began talk mobile Samsung curved screen, we also begin to hear about mobile phone with foldable screen. And that, it would be impossible that curved screens had reached smartphones if not for the fact that flexible and foldable screens had been developed.

However, a foldable mobile is more than just a flexible display. It must be a smartphone that all components can be folded, or who at least are distributed in such way that it is possible to fold the smartphone.

Despite having many years talking about this folding mobile course, the truth is that it has not been until now that it has begun to contemplate the possibility that this mobile is a reality. It has begun to be a mobile much more real since earlier this year 2017 began to register patents for designs of folding screen of Samsung mobile. Even so, it was said that this smart phone is not released until the year 2018. In fact, probably it will be, and even the mobile would not arrive until the end of next year.

But the latest information tell us that this Smartphone could make an act of presence before the end of the year 2017. It would be in the form of prototype, and this new phone would be present at the IFA 2017 of the city of Berlin, which will be held in the month September des. In the event Samsung usually present their Galaxy Note of each generation, but this year might also be the first prototype of this mobile folding.

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