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The difficulty between choosing a mobile with large battery or a mobile with a good load fast

The battery and in general the autonomy of the smartphone always has been one of those elements key in any phone smart, by be always a lack with which we found them users. Tried different solutions to this problem. High capacity batteries, fast-charging batteries, but the truth is that choosing between one or the other is not something simple.

Big vs battery fast charge battery

A good choice is to opt for a mobile phone that has a great battery, which offers us greater than the from a conventional mobile autonomy. An example of this is the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, for example. The smartphone has a battery of no less than 4000 mAh, and despite that, your screen is 5 inches. A small screen, with a large battery, translates into a vast autonomy. But is also has some negative consequence. Although it includes so-called fast charging, it comes to a large capacity battery, they take longer to load than a battery with a lower capacity. This means that Yes, will hold more time until is agote, but then will have that spend more time loading the battery.

USB Type-C

On the contrary, we have quick load, also associated with not too much capacity battery, it will be even more noticeable. If you have tried the Moto G4 Plus with your charger TurboBoost, and how this mode is activated using this charger, you noticed that the speed of charging battery is impressive. It can be that the autonomy of the mobile is notably lower than the of Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. But taking the charger with us, and can connect it something of time to a network electric, will have recharged the battery for power continue using it without problems.

The big drawback to all this is that a perfect combination of everything there is. There is a mobile phone which has a large capacity battery to load very quickly, and that is light… yet it may be, by which in many occasions we had to choose. I have tested them two types of smartphones, and in it personal, is me makes difficult choose one or another. Perhaps they are for different types of users. He first for which not can dispense with of your mobile but not van to can have access to a network electric in much time, and the second for which itself go to to load it, for example, in the work, or in your center of studies.

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