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The cost of Google Pixel XL does not reach 300 euros

Do you remember the Nexus 4? A mobile phone that Google not earned almost money, manufactured by LG and which was launched with a price of 300 euros. Nexus 5 followed on the same line with a price of 350 euros. But all that changed in the following mobile. Until it has become a Google Pixel XL that will cost more than 800 euros. What is the real cost of the mobile? Because not reaches even to the 300 euros.

Making the Google Pixel XL

Again has been IHS which has analyzed the cost of each one of the components with which are manufactures the Google Pixel XL in his version of 32 GB. It must be said that not only IHS calculated the cost of the components itself, but also the cost of the same Assembly, so it really says how much money cost that this mobile leaves the factory from its initial process.

Lateral del Google Pixel plateado

The most expensive component of smart phone is the screen. Made by Samsung, with technology AMOLED, and a resolution Quad HD, the cost of the same is going to the $58. According to this we would find the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, whose cost amounts to them $50. Between the two, already represent more than one third of the cost of the mobile. Thus, already we see what are the components that more expensive in a smartphone.

Of course, being considered as the smartphone mobile with best camera on the market, his photography unit was also to be among the most expensive. And so is, although not so much as it might seem, because only 17.5 dollars. And we say “only” because the unit’s photography of the iPhone 7 reaches them 26 dollars. A notable difference between the two smartphones.

Diseño metálico del Google Pixel

A Google Mobile

In total, the Google Pixel XL has a cost of $285. But yes, we must say that this will be added some things. Dedicated by Google on this Smartphone, nor the time spent in the creation of software research and development is not calculated. According to Andrew Rassweiler, the Senior Director of cost analysis in IHS, the company has devoted many efforts on this phone than with the previous Nexus. Instead of purchasing a smartphone to a company like HTC, what he has done is to simply work with these as manufacturers, in the style of Apple with Foxconn, so have had to design both software – as came doing-, as also the hardware.

A mobile much more Google than they were the previous Nexus, which also makes it more expensive, and you also want to make money, something that makes sense. In a nutshell, is the namesake of the iPhone 7 with Android as an operating system.

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