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The classic status of WhatsApp would return as “tagline”

WhatsApp States have become the latest addition to the messaging application. A function similar to the of Instagram Stories, to post something every day, which makes WhatsApp almost a social network. However, with the arrival of these disappeared the original States. Now, the classic State could once again as “tagline”.

Classic WhatsApp status

The great problem of the news comes when these have as a direct consequence the disappearance of a former function which, moreover, was very used by the users. It is the case of the State of WhatsApp. For many, it was used as a way of expressing themselves or identify. Some even had spent years with the State and now did not want to change it for what appeared to the antiquity of the State. Whatever it is, the overnight WhatsApp decided to put an end to our States to replace it by new States in which it is possible to have a function similar to the Instagram Stories. Itself is not bad. There will be users who like it most and users who like less, but is a function that converts to WhatsApp almost on a social network more.

WhatsApp Logo Portada

What he didn’t expect was that these new “States” would be to replace the classical State that we had set up in our account. Even so, it seems classic former State could return. I would do it with a new name “tagline”, or “tag”. With this element, it would be possible to add a phrase, or a “State”, to our profile, so that it can identify us as that happened before with the classical State. At the moment, that Yes, is not yet available, and it is unclear if WhatsApp still retains the classic States of the application we had configured with their corresponding age, and whether they will return with “tagline” or not. Whatever it is, we hope that this feature will soon, because there are many users unhappy with the disappearance of the classic States.

The classic WhatsApp status article again as “tagline” was published in AndroidAyuda.

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