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The Chromebooks gain relevance thanks to Android

It seemed that the Chromebook would not be successful, but they are gradually becoming more interesting options for users. With the arrival of Android applications to all the Chromebooks of this year 2017 onwards, it seems that more manufacturers will launch their own computers with this operating system, and that could be something that changes the world of computers.

Windows loses relevance

It must be said that Windows will always be the first choice for users seeking to buy a computer. However, with the passage of time the operating system has been losing relevant. With some versions that have not had much success, and an update to Windows 10 that finally it has not been surprising, Windows does not seem new, and Chrome OS Yes. The last big news is the possibility of installing applications Android, an operating system that is close to all the users around the world. Even more than Windows itself. There are more smartphones than PCs. Simple logic.

Therefore, that Chrome OS begins to gain importance, mainly for manufacturers. And is that them it come clear. Cheaper laptops, which is a most interesting offer for users. An operating system that is easy to install, as it is free for them. And besides that, a market in which right now still a lot offer. An interesting option for many manufacturers who are joining the list of suppliers of laptops with Chrome OS, which already were HP, Asus and Acer, and which will now be more, including Dell.


Chromebooks to the boost

With the arrival of Dell we are a member of computer professionals. Is possible that soon already not be so necessary to count with a computer so powerful. And when that happens, buy a $ 200 computer will be more interesting than buy one of 600 euros. And of course, much cheaper. If also have in has that each time are more them services that are managed by means of an application mobile, and that these could run is in them Chromebooks, us find with that Windows could start to be a system operating not so interesting, and limited for those large studies of development of software, being them Chromebooks an option more easy for the great amount of developers.

With this panorama, the Chromebooks interest, and much.

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