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The camera of Facebook will mimic to Prism and add effects to the faces

Facebook has a special ability to copy features of its rivals, including them on a platform with many more millions of users, and sink their rivals. You have seen already in many occasions, being came the more recent. However, we already have a new target, Prism and the effects on the faces.


If by something is has characterized Prism is by give you to our photographs a look unique, very artistic, in sometimes inspired in them big works of the painting of the history, and that got that our photographs seem authentic canvases. Has come slowly to Android in form of Beta. It is said that soon it might work with the videos, and in record time Facebook would have already copied this feature, and would be willing to launch it already for both photos and videos in your own social network application.

Effects for faces

And something similar will happen with the effects for the faces. Add yourself to a dog’s snout, or a bear nose? Now you will not need any other application than the Facebook app. Within it will include a section of camera to make pictures and Add all these effects that we will achieve an impact on the social network much bigger, but also we will be able to modify photos to save a unique keepsake with a style very person, striking and varied.

The major problem with this release is not for users, that will be very easy to use this service, but to all the other developers, who see how Facebook manages to copy its services and include them in the social network, with many more millions of users, greatly complicating life to these applications in regard to their growth and their future. The clear case of this is the of Vine. Arrived before. Socially seemed to have done a better job. The interface and the platform was more elaborate. And Facebook came much later with the Instagram videos. Despite that, nothing changed the landscape. Instagram has won more and more users, and Vine has closed, which shows very clearly the power of Facebook when launching a new service.

La camera’s Facebook article will mimic a Prism and add effects to the faces was published in AndroidAyuda.

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