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The camera dual of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would improve to the of the iPhone 7 Plus

An of the news of the iPhone 7 Plus has been the new camera dual that integrates the smartphone, that is the bet of Apple by this technology, following the road of Huawei, LG and company. Now Samsung has patented their new technology of camera dual, that could be that arrived in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Camera dual in the Samsung Galaxy S8?

First, it must be said that dual camera in Samsung Galaxy S8 is still something that is not far from clear. Different rumors we have said that Samsung it will integrate a camera of this type in the smartphone. Other information we have said that finally Samsung not bet by this camera, but would integrate a camera improved with regard to the of the Samsung Galaxy S7, although not dual. This would be logical if have in has that the camera is considered as an of the best of the world of them smartphones. However, a new patent of Samsung us makes very clear that the company itself is working in a camera dual. This us leads to thinking that perhaps it see in the Samsung Galaxy S8, or at least in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that would come in the second half of this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camara Dual

Better that it’s the iPhone 7 Plus

Whatever it is, if we know that new Samsung dual camera would of 7 Plus iPhone. While the iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras that have functions different, to be able to use a u another, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could count with a camera that use them two sensors simultaneously, for focus to objects different. The two Chambers will be different, as the mobile Apple, but the aim of this will be a camera to capture a photo with a wide-angle to capture the environment, and that the other camera capture to the subject we are photographing. In the image that Samsung has used for the registration of the patent is can see to it perfection what is the idea of this with a captures of a snowboarder, being this the objective of an of them cameras, and the Fund, being the objective of it another camera.

In any case, still is by realize if the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will have with the new camera. Of being so, is very likely that is an of them features that is use in them posters promotional, by what not would take much in know that the smartphone will be with a camera dual with such technology.

The dual camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 article would improve to the iPhone 7 Plus was published in AndroidAyuda.

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