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The calls and the sending of files of audio in WhatsApp web more close

Interesting new features in the web version of WhatsApp , which acts combined with the Android terminals that have. They have been able to know thanks to the translation available to the development page, and is clear that will expand the existing possibilities to get a little closer to this variant of the worldwide most used messaging application.

Waiting for the implementation of new options in the developments for mobile devices, such as for example visualization of the most commonly used chat rooms, the web version are very close to arrival of two new options that are useful. In addition, these for a long time they were sued for those who use the web version of the work that is now owned by Facebook (at least, this is my case).

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The first year is one that the possibility of sending audio files using web WhatsApp, something that is possible in mobile terminals but that, for now, not in the version that is used with the browser (where only documents, videos, and photos can be sent and, as no, use the camera on the computer in question). Thus, it will be possible from record something and send it and, even, some song to another. In the following screenshot is clear that arrival is imminent and we are working on the translation of all the associated text – and that the file sizes will be limited:

Envío de archivos de audio en WhatsApp web

Calls, the other novelty

As with the previous option, this feature already implemented on WhatsApp Android versions will be starting on the web, so the utility of this development will be expanded considerably. And, possibly, the use of calls through the use of Internet (something that, for now, is not a common practice and not many users who use them) see profited.

Llegada de las llamadas a WhatsApp web

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Case is that the translation page is quite clear in this regard, and the arrival of the two new functionality is not far. Maybe in one or two months–as much – you have available update WhatsApp web and, thus, enjoy the features that we are talking about that, in the case of calls, we will see how it works and if the quality is adequate – at the moment, in smartphones this leaves much to be desired-.

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