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The brands sports arrive to save to Android Wear

Starts the 2017 in a form very different to as ended the 2016 in what to Android Wear respect. The year closed with the abandonment of some manufacturers of their watches with Google’s operating system, but begins it with the arrival of new manufacturers that make up this operating system. Specifically, two stand out on the others, Casio and New Balance.

The CES 2017 gives life to Android Wear

While the Mobile World Congress 2017 will be an event centered in smartphones, the CES 2017 already is has forgotten of them phones smart for focus is in the Smart Home and in them wearables. That is why in this CES 2017 we’ve seen new smart watches that give a new life to Android Wear. We can say goodbye to Motorola, to Huawei to LG and company. We don’t say that they will not launch its smart watches. But since then, the great bet for Android Wear arrives now of part of them manufacturers of watches sports. We speak of two models in particular, which could go still more over time.

Casio Android Wear

On the one hand have the bet of Casio, a brand known in all the world by their watches with great relationship quality / price, always very resistant, and ideal for sports. This time it’s a watch smart, more complete, with the possibility of installing applications in this, but it is also characterized by its resistance. In fact, not is designed to be a clock intelligent beautiful, but rather to be used as watch sports.

New Balance Android Wear

And not is the only company that bet by this idea. New Balance also. Is logical, because not is is of a brand of fashion, but of a brand sports that recently highlights much by its equipment for runners and other athletes. The Watch includes GPS to monitor our routes, the distance traveled, the pace and speed. But in addition to this, also includes Bluetooth, and even have been marketed also a wireless headset designed for runners, with which to be able to listen to music from own smart clock.

Android Wear change

Thus, what we see is a clear change in the world of those watches smart. Is have seen in the last years as devices pretty that carry in the wrist and that have functions similar to them of a smartphone. But now are much more than that. No one wanted to spend is more money in the design of a watch smart, but different is the case if at least is a watch sports. In fact, had developed in common that users will spend the money on sports watches. And now there will be more sport watches with advanced features. Some users will find these watches perfect devices. And in any case, is a new opportunity for Android Wear to succeed in the market.

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