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The best combination to avoid breaking the mobile screen

If you have a new mobile phone, it will not be nothing rare that one of the main concerns that you have is the screen of the smartphone, which is extremely fragile. There are a lot of covers available to avoid breaking the screen of the cell phone. But, what is the best way to get the screen of the cell phone does not break?

Avoiding breaking the mobile screen

They are so many users who break the screen of the cell phone because of a drop in mobile, or simply to give it a. The screen has become one of the most fragile of smartphones. And that is why it is vital to purchase accessories to avoid breaking the screen.¬†However, with all the different accessories that are available, it is not easy to choose best them so that your mobile phone does not break. Therefore, what is here the recommendation after hundreds and hundreds of “trial and error”.

Cristal Templado Móvil

Tempered glass

There is nothing better than the tempered glass. Nor is to be something great, but today there is no other choice better glass to act as second screen and receive all the hits. In fact, also be crystal, as the screen itself, tends to be that first break, and is a good indicator of when the phone has received a strong blow as that screen had broken. The quality of tempered glass is also decisive to establish resistance to the blows that can support mobile, so it will be key to choose a good tempered glass. Nor should we buy the most expensive, but yes to prevent the crystals that may not be of quality.

Funda elastica Móvil Pantalla

Elastic cover

Finally, the case that we have to buy is not one of those “ruggerizadas” made of aluminium. No perhaps think that metal covers are the toughest, but if what we want is to avoid damaging your mobile phone is not so. We can forget the glass, metal, and rigid covers. Best to absorb the blows are the elastic sleeves.

If you want a really tough case, ideally, that you have a good amount of mm of elastic surface, as it could be rubber or silicone, and always taking into account that the corners are the weakest section.

And we must not forget the sleeve must extend a few millimeters on the screen from the front, so that the screen can hit with any surface fall or let the phone somewhere.

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