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The Band 3 Mi Xiaomi is imminent, with one month battery

Xiaomi smart bracelet has been the best-selling in the world of technology smart bracelet, surpassing even the Apple Watch. There are three versions of the same, but it will get one more, whose launch is imminent, the Band 3 Mi Xiaomi. Its main novelty will be the battery that will count, it would be a month.

An improved Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Bracelet more, which will follow the same path of the previous ones. A device simple, simple, easy to use, with lot of battery, and an affordable price. Month is what has always been the Band my Xiaomi, and what will be also on this occasion the Band 3 Mi Xiaomi. Before three versions, My Band, My Band 1S and My Band 2is launched. We don’t know exactly what will be the technical characteristics that will have this bracelet, but already we have known anything new that could count. Specifically, it is said that the bracelet will have greater autonomy, thanks to its battery. It is not clear how will get it. There might be a higher capacity battery, or there might be an optimization of battery consumption.

Colores de la Xiaomi Mi Band 2

In theory, the autonomy of the smart bracelet would be able to exceed 30 days. And it is also said that even so, bracelet may be used in any time, so it will not be treated that this autonomy is due to that the bracelet will not be used. I.e., that would be like the previous Band my Xiaomi, but arriving at a range of 30 days.

Perhaps will it remove the heart rate monitor? In my opinion, I do not know if it is used too. If it is not very accurate, and finally is not the best accessory for who wants a heart rate monitor.

Whatever it is, Xiaomi my Band 3 it would arrive this week, the same April 27 and will be then when the technical characteristics of the bracelet, as well as the price that will will be confirmed.

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