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The application Google Watch is updated with Visual changes [Download]

For a long time the application Google clock remained unchanged in the different versions of the Android operating system that you put in the market. But, not long ago, is van including changes that make it more complete and useful. The case is that there is a new version of this development, the 4.4, which includes new features that are not bad.

One of the first things that call the attention of the new version of Google Watch is that the space it occupies is lower, despite the inclusion of new features. Is now of only 6.2 MB What are you download, so we are talking about an option that is perfectly valid for any device on the market, regardless of storage internal have.

Went to one of the additives: when you reset a countdown, at the end of this it is possible to tell the application to proceed to issue a vibration – to add to the sound if desired. This is handled through a slider that exist in the settings, and the truth is that it is most useful if you are on a site that does not want op ude use sound.

Añadir vibración reloj google en cuentas atrás
Delizador de volumen en reloj Google

There are also novelties at the time of control the volume , since slipper that exists in the settings which establishes that used now joins that offers the system. Thus, it is much more intuitive control from anywhere – even with the Android – device hardware buttons. The case is that with this added Google Watch now adds simplicity, which is always positive.

Visual changes

Not they are very numerous, but developing a simple flame attention almost any included. The first is that the icons at the top are now aligned to the left completely, and therefore, the feeling is much better visually. In addition, the date format varies, since now it is displayed all in capital letters in Google Watch, with one abbreviation in the month in which it is (only three letters). The truth is that the appearance is much better.

Nueva interfaz en Reloj de Googñe

APK download

If you do not want to wait for the update to version 4.4 of Google Watch, here you can download the file from manual installation signed by Google. The process is simple, since you just have to follow the steps that appear on screen once activated whenever possible to use unknown sources. In relation to requirements, to be enforced are to have version Android 4.4 or higher and have more than 6.5 MB of free space.

Other applications for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where you will find all that insurance options that you draw attention.

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