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The 7 keys that you must buy a mobile phone with Android 7 Nougat

Android 7 Nougat begins to be already available on most smartphones and is becoming a more extended version of the operating system that a few months ago. However, Android 7 Nougat is a version with many new features that are worth acquiring a new phone with this version. Here are 7 keys that take you to buy a smartphone Nougat.

1 Multi-window

Until Android 7 Nougat, Multi-single window was available for some smartphones when this function was integrated into mobile phones by some manufacturers of smart phones, as the case of LG and Samsung with ships was high-end logo. However, it was not a function that was available for the Android phones in general. But with Android 7 Nougat, that has changed, and the truth is that it is an extremely useful feature, because thanks to it we can run two applications simultaneously on screen and we can use them at the same time. We can see a movie on Netflix, while we can be talking by WhatsApp.

2 optimization of battery

The battery has always been something key to the users. The truth is that for many years is expected that manufacturers will find improvements to battery. To expand the autonomy of your Smartphone. However, have not reached improvements involving a definitive solution to the problem of the autonomy of the battery of mobile phones, so it still remains a pending task. However, with Android 7 Nougat have come improvements thanks as the optimization of the battery. And it is that we can optimize battery selectively by applications. I.e., able to choose which applications want to use saving energy and what not.

3 mobile data saver

Something similar happens with mobile data. There is a limited amount of mobile data that we can hire rate

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