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The 5 best mobile for root or install new ROMs

If you are going to buy a mobile new, there are several factors to analyze. Would you like a mobile phone with a good camera? Would you like to run the best games? That He has a big screen? For some users, it is more important that the mobile get the latest updates. And there are those that just want to be constantly installing modifications, rooteandolos or installing new ROMs. If this is your case, these are the 5 best mobile to root and install ROMs.

1. Google Pixel and Nexus

From all mobiles that you’ll find that they love to developers, this is perhaps the most prominent. Google Pixel, as well as each of the mobile Google has been releasing over time, have been chosen by the developers for being mobile with very little customization and be mobile high level. If you buy a Google Pixel, a Google Pixel XL, or any, Nexus will have a mobile phone for which have been created many firmware modifications, as well as many ROMs.

OnePlus 3T Camara

2 OnePlus 3T

It is one of the favourites to be similar to the previous, but more economical. In fact, OnePlus One seemed to be actually Nexus 5 relay, being a smartphone of high end costing half of money than its rivals. The OnePlus 3T is the latest mobile company, but they also OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 2. Other mobiles which also have a role in the world of software modifications for Android.

Moto G4 Plus

3 moto G4 Plus

It is almost the same as the previous, but still cheaper. The most economical option for those who want a mobile without almost customization, and best-selling. Ideal because it has many users and developers, so it is one of the mobile which has a larger community. And the best thing is that it is significantly cheaper than the rest of its rivals.

4 Samsung Galaxy S7

It’s cheap, nor has an almost non-customization software. In reality, does not meet any of the requirements expected of an ideal smartphone for developers. But it is a best-selling mobile. In fact, you can be one of the best selling mobile, hence it is an ideal choice. You will have many ROMs adapted and many tutorials to learn how rooting the mobile and install different firmwares.

Honor 8 Rosa

5 honor Honor and 8 X 6

The case of these two mobile phones is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Or much less are of such a high level, but the two have become already mobile they have delighted users for being mobile economic price and having balanced technical characteristics. We consider them both in the same place because the idea is the same, but they are of a different level.

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