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The 2 forms more quick of transfer the photos and videos of your Android to your PC

Smartphones are increasingly useful as photo cameras and video cameras. Increasingly they have better sensors and better lenses. It is not an exaggeration to say that even you can’t get any professional level (obviously, there will always be differences) with the camera of a mobile phone. That’s why sometimes it becomes vital to transfer the photos that we have in our mobile to your computer. These are the two faster ways to perform these transfers.

1. SD card

Today like any photographer, one of the fastest ways to transfer photos and videos from our Android mobile to your PC is using the SD card. In fact, if we have several SD cards we can work even faster. How? Because even have that download them photos of the mobile, but only change the card, as we would in a camera’s photos. Starting from here, will be necessary to count with a reader of card SD in the computer. Since the mobile card is a microSD, we will have to consider a microSD adapter for SD, if we have a reader built into your computer. If not, also can have a Reader USB of cards microSD, that can find for little money, and even in some cases can acquire next to it card of memory, or comes included. The faster the card, the easier the transfer of files. If you have USB 3.0 Type-C in our smartphone, perhaps we could also transfer connecting cable, in multimedia mode, without having to remove the card.

Samsung Galaxy S7 SD

2. the cloud

Yes, I know it. Upload files to the cloud to then download them is not or far as fast as read a microSD card, or make a transfer cable. However, many platforms in the cloud already have with their own service to transfer automatically all the photos or videos that do. This means that when want any photo or video, not have to climb it, but already will be uploaded. It is a quick way because we say that the mobile is constantly synchronizing with the cloud when you have an available WiFi network is connected to the mains. It is not a way of transferring files “quickly” literally, but yes from a practical point of view, because everything gets until you want it to climb. Only is download it, and unless are files very heavy of video, nor take much with a connection to Internet of high speed as that usually use always with our computer.

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