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The 1st and 2nd generation, protagonists of the events of Pokémon GO

Is just the 2016 but with it not is just Pokemon GO. The game that has been without a doubt the game of the year will be arriving with new events and surprises in the face of these last days of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Specifically, it presents a new event that is divided in two phases. At the moment, that Yes, there are no new Pokemon.

Two new events

Two events, or a new event split into two phases, depending on how you want to see. That’s what awaits us in Pokémon GO. The Niantic game will launch from December 25 , a new promotion that will last until January 3. Throughout all these days, the first Pokeparada of the day will give us an incubator that will have single-use. In addition to that, is going to increase the ratio of possibilities that there is of that in them eggs Pokemon appears one of the second generation, something that itself will be quite positive.


The second event will begin the on December 30, and will last until 8 January. And Yes, as you can imagine, from December 30 until January 3, the two events will coincide in time. In this second case, is set to double the time of effectiveness of the bait, which will last 60 minutes. But besides that also will expand the number of possibilities that exist that any of the three initial new generation Pokemon appears. IE, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, appear frequently throughout these days, so it will be great to get these Pokemon or additional of these sweets if we had still not got them.

Pokémon GO has even long travel

Arriving in Pokémon GO and news that are relevant, although they are still what we hoped, because they still do not reach many of the second generation Pokémon. However, the fact that now the three initial Pokémon from the first generation will have a higher occurrence rate leads us to think that it is likely that the second generation will soon have more prominence, and that the first generation will later be side. Thus, it is time to get the necessary to get Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise Pokemon.

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