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The 10 innovations in mobile of the 2016 (part I)

This year 2016 has left us great innovations in the world of mobile phones. Some of them have been more relevant than others. There are some that were launched last year but they have become popular in 2016, and also there are that will have to be improved. These are the 10 innovations in mobile that we have seen this 2016.


He arrived and died. The mobile modular promised much. The Ara Project that arose after Motorola bought PhoneBloks, and that was on Google when Motorola sold to Lenovo, seemed to have options of becoming a reality. Modular mobile seemed to have options. There were prototypes, it was going to get some commercial version to the market. Not arrived. But yes is launched other types of smartphones modular. This year we have seen the G5 LG and Moto Z reached with different ideas of mobile modular, with cameras, projectors, extra batteries, speakers… In summary, its success has been nil. Project Ara is closed. The LG G6 not will be modular, and the Moto X 2017 either. Everything remained in project.

2.-mobile with screens without bevels

Actually, years ago, that it comes saying that mobile phones do not have bezels almost on the sides of the screen. But it was not until the release of the MIX my Xiaomi when we have seen that this has become something more real. The smartphone has a ratio of front occupied by display very high. And they are beginning to sound many smartphones that will rival this. Without going any further, it could be the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7. The own ZUK Edge already claims to be even better than the mobile Xiaomi. And it must be said that phones with these designs have really enjoyed.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

3. dual cameras

A novelty that Yes has come to stay. Although there are still manufacturers who believe that a dual camera in a mobile phone don’t have, it is undeniable that offers something impossible to achieve with a single camera. We have seen major manufacturers to integrate them this year, with different technologies. The most relevant case is that of Huawei and its collaboration with Leica. We have seen mobile economic profile with dual cameras, like the 8 Honor and even other cheaper. Has it been rumored for Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Although one has come with it, or the other seems that it will integrate. The iPhone 7 Plus also has a camera of this type. Dual cameras that will certainly be part of the reality of the world of mobile phones.

4 load Super-fast (mobile and they explode)

If batteries cannot have a greater autonomy, at least let us to be loaded faster. This must have been the idea of many manufacturers. And they have succeeded. With boots that reach more power, the battery will charge faster. But electronic systems that work with a higher power, also have the risk that are more difficult to control, can be explained, can burn. And since the Super-fast charging is a reality, since Quick Charge is here, since manufacturers announce this feature is one of the highlights of their new phones, there are more cases of smartphones which explode or burn. It is not uncommon, in fact. Not very worrying. But it is a reality.

USB Type-C

5 who said jack for headphones?

As if it were Wally we will have to find the jack for headphones in more and more smartphones. And no, it is not that Apple they forget pierce the casing to connect headphones, is that jack has disappeared to be replaced by the digital shots, than on Android are USB Type-C. There are several solutions to the absence of the jack: USB Type-C Jack, headphones with digital connector, headphones wireless adapters. In short, we will have to go forgetting the Jack.

But these are just 5 of the innovations we’ve seen this year. Don’t miss Android help to learn about the other 5 innovations that have reached this year in the second part of this special.

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