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Take advantage of the Brexit: Android phones at good price on Amazon UK

The result of the Brexit has surprised many, since recent surveys indicate that staying in the European Union was the option that it was thought that he would win. Well, the opposite happened and, therefore, there has been an effect domino where one of the effects is that the pound has lost much of its value.

This has as a consequence that, right now, make purchases at Amazon UK is interesting, since the strength of Euro noted, and therefore to make a purchase in the online store Gets a saving that yesterday was not possible. Thus, we will indicate the options that we believe are most interesting right now and it should not to go since they are models compatible with use in Spain.

Banderas de Reino Unido y Unión Europea

Thus, it is possible to take personally the result of the Brexit, which is always positive and despite the fact that it remains to be seen how it affects medium and long term to the economy of the old continent, right now you can get split and, course, ideally, do this.

Phones that you must review

Obviously the savings achieved, that is due to the loss of value of the pound, occurs on all models, but we show the possibilities that we believe that they are more conspicuous by the representative that the devices in question – are always talking about free models-:

Samsung Galaxy S7

This is the high-end of the Korean company model and the truth is that your hardware is really powerful. Exceptional design with accesses this fast data is without doubt one of the reference of this year 2016. Its price is of 499 pounds, by which to change left in about 615 euros, which isn’t bad. Link .

Samsung Galaxy S7 color rosa oro


Modular phone of the Asian company is another great animators of the market and, surprisingly, many users can see in him an ideal choice for this year. Finished in metal and with a great quality, this device camar Android is available on the day of the Brexit by 410 pounds – about 505 euros. This is the link of purchase.


Huawei P9

The new model of the Chinese company is all a high range on its own merits. With a dual camera which has the collaboration of Leica, hardware that includes in its interior is powerful and offers Premium finishes. It has Android Marshmallow and the price that you can buy right now at Amazon UK is: 388 pounds (what to change is in 475 euros). Buy it here.

Huawei P9 Lite Blanco

Xiaomi Mi5

If this is already an economic terminal, now is an excellent choice do with it on Amazon UK due to the Brexit. With hardware that has little to envy to the high-end models, the design is also striking and, therefore, the most recommended phone. The Chinese company terminal is at a price of 319 pounds, what is left to change in 390 euros. Link .

Xiaomi Mi 5

If want to review more models in Amazon UK, can do so at this link in the shop and, thus, find more devices that may be interesting at this point once the outcome of Brexit has been known.

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