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Syndrome of acquisition of equipment: do you suffer with them smartphones?

Acquisition of equipment, or G.A.S. syndrome call it by its acronym in English, and it has to do with acquiring equipment that we do not really need. It has been associated with the world of photography, the world of computing, music… but in reality, it is possible that we are also suffering with smartphones. Would perhaps buy more than what you actually need?

We buy what we need?

Spain is one of the countries with the largest share of smartphones per capita in the world. Who would say that in a country that crosses a crisis financial so many users were going to have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy’s last model. Well, the Spaniards carry smartphones of high level, that is a reality, is true, and that we like the technology do not seem very negative. However, also is true that this could be related with it called as syndrome of acquisition of equipment, that has that view with buy elements that actually, not need.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

Perhaps this is could apply in the case of them smartphones to the renovations of mobile that do without really need change of mobile. Does wrong our mobile work? Has it lost some of the functions it had when we bought it? Then, why have to acquire a mobile best? Clearly, there is a factor of marketing of which are responsible for those manufacturers that can influence in us. But our tendency to have the latest mobile, the most expensive, no matter what cost, and be something particularly notable in Spain, could have to do with that equipment acquisition syndrome.

In addition, the case of the Smartphone is very particular. While the syndrome of acquisition of equipment is manifest much in photographers, for example, or guitarists, that have to your disposal a great amount of accessories… what them takes to buy many things that not need, for them mobile are speaking of a device only. This is curious for a reason. A camera is composed of a main body, a range of lenses available, and then a whole series of accessories that you can buy. Mobile, is also composed of many elements, but it is not modular, we cannot change a screen, or a camera, but it requires the renewal of the full terminal.

And the truth is that with the way we acquire a big mobile number, I wonder if really does not have anything to do with that equipment acquisition syndrome that in general so much it has become popular in the world of technology. It is clear that something has to do, because many times we buy mobile that we do not need, or renew the mobile when it is not yet necessary. It is not particularly serious, is not a clinical problem, but rather a psychological situation, perhaps something negative if we think that it is wanting what I don’t need. Not so negative if we see it as having a device that offers me more than it did before. Anyway, what can you say to someone who tests many smartphones and love that the new phones that are coming to the market. Maybe I don’t need that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral… but it is so beautiful.

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