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SwiftKey launches free all its topics customization

SwiftKey is one of the best-known and most famous keyboards for Android all that are available. Also, it is one of which it works best, and now it had also happened to be free with in-app purchase. However, they have announced that all personalization items now become also free.

Free themes of SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the most widely used the world’s keyboards, the arrival of the themes of free customization is great news for all users. So far, customization in many issues, and some of the most beautiful, were paid. In fact, initially had to pay to use the keyboard. Then became free, but with in-app purchase as they were these themes to customize the keyboard. However, now the issues have become also free.

SwiftKey Neural

This has been able to occur by several things. One of them is that they have detected that users not bought almost the topics, and therefore offer them payment was not much logic. Another option also very viable is that have seen how arrives the keyboard of Google gaining each time more users, and is have given has of that the only option that have is give more features to the users. Finally, must take into account that one of the latest features that has come to Google keyboard is the add more themes to customize it. Clearly, if the keyboard from Google is more accessible for Android users to SwiftKey, and it also has more options, it is impossible that this last use.

Clearly, if they don’t earn money with issues, how can I earn money? Because we have to take into account that SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft. This means that they no longer have a special goal to be profitable. Secondly, its big-data and artificial intelligence technologies are much interesting to other large companies, and it is possible that Microsoft is negotiating with them to earn more money. It is a choice. Finally and ultimately SwiftKey is no longer a product, only is a showcase to display the services that the company.

SwiftKey article free throws all his themes of customization was published in AndroidAyuda.

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