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SwiftKey Beta could survive Gboard

Gboard vs SwiftKey has become a very interesting battle since renewed full Google keyboard. In fact, it seemed that Google had won the game of keyboards. However, SwiftKey Beta includes a new option that could rival Google keyboard.

SwiftKey Beta improves the writing Flow

The writing Flow has been one of the most noteworthy features of the application since it was launched. It gives us the possibility of typing by means of gestures, sliding all the keys that we have to complete each word.

SwiftKey Neural

To make this possible is necessary to have a dictionary able to predict words, that can go offering suggestions on what you want to write. However, sometimes this writing by sliding system is not as accurate as we would like. For example, if we add some additional letter, or if we have stopped in some letter that does not belong to the word that we wanted to write, the suggestion of the keyboard could be wrong, mainly in short words.

Now that has changed. SwiftKey Beta has added a new option that not only made a suggestion for every word we write, but three suggestions for each word, very well differentiated. In this way, we can use the suggestions to write or wanted.

Gboard must move forward faster

In my opinion, Gboard has managed to improve to SwiftKey, and the application continues to improve. However, you must move forward faster. They have focused on the inclusion of the issues, but that is not enough. SwiftKey is adding new features, and Gboard must avoid avoid another keyboard to get advance faster.

Actually, for users it is positive, because that leads to that developers have to compete to improve their applications and offer us best keyboards. For now, with this new development, SwiftKey manages to keep alive the Gboard battle vs SwiftKey a little more.

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