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Super Mario Run upgrade to 2.1.0, these are your changes

Classic Nintendo plumber landed in mobile phones only a few months ago with Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run updated the Android game now includes improvements and more possibilities for the free version and the paid.

The game of Super Mario mobile disappointed. A game too simple in its free version and too expensive in its paid version for what little offering. A game that has little or nothing to do with the original game except that the Nintendo character appears and apota nothing beyond an endless runner than most. Many other options in the same style for mobile phones and cheaper. In addition, to play need to be connected to the Internet already that its creators asesguraron at the time that would not allow offline play to avoid the piracy.

Juego Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run upgrade to 2.1.0

But now Super Mario Run for Android has been updated with improvements in both for the paid version of the free game. For example, the achievements of Google Play arrive at the game. But is not all, also have increased the maximum number of Toads that you can collect. Now, the is maximum number of Toads that can live in the realm of 99.999.

Also added new buildings to the game as, for example, a statue of Bowse in 8-bit, among others, that you have to get. However, it will take in app purchases to get unlock all structures.

Added improvements in the profile of the mobile game icons. The character Mii now may be custom and dress as you want from Miitomo (provided you have installed Miitomo installed on the phone) and you can add friends from your account Nintendo game.

Super Mario Run 2.1.0 update does not make it, despite the improvements, the best game of the year and never ceases to be below the expectations that they had, at first, of the game. You will have to wait to see if Nintendo reacts and makes mobile gaming a success and something to what you really want us to play.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is an endless runner for mobile phones where you have to touch the screen to make Mario jump, get coins and Dodge obstacles. The Mission of the game is to give asltos as the character runs to reach the final.

The game is free but you’ll have to buy the Premium version to get all levels. You can access the first levels for free and you will have to pay 9.99 dollars for 21 additional levels. In addition, you can only play connected to the Internet.

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