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Super Mario Run Android already appears in the Google Play Store

Although it seemed that Super Mario Run Android would be to wait a little longer, it seems not to be so. And it is that title already appears officially in the Google Play Store, linked to Nintendo as the developer. Indeed, appears a video and captures of screen of the own game, and us gives the possibility of pre-register us to receive news as soon as is available.

Super Mario Run for Android is already coming soon

According to Nintendo, Super Mario Run would take something else to get Android because the ease of getting a payment game free on Google’s operating system was too high, and they were looking for ways to prevent this. However, it seems that it was more a matter of marketing and an agreement with Apple for exclusivity, because it was closer to the year 2017, and Super Mario Run has already appeared in the Google app store.

Super Mario Run

Of time, is available only the pre-registration, but it certain is that see both a video of the game, as the own logo and screenshots of the same, by what seems clear that it only that is is that in Nintendo decide to make that is available. We don’t have any file .apk from the game to play it, so now is actually more a promotional poster than anything else, but continues to be the confirmation that the game will be arriving now for the smartphones and tablets that have Android.

What not is so clear is if them plans of Nintendo always were these, them of launch the game to early of the 2017, or if actually Nintendo has changed their plans due to them critical received of many users by the high price of the game, the low percentage of users that have paid in proportion to those who have downloaded the game , and the fall in the value of the shares of the company. Can that all this has contributed in Nintendo to decide ahead the launch of the game for Android. Even so, it does not seem that the commercial strategy will change, so we will probably find the same cost for the game.

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Sign up now on Google Play to receive news from Super Mario Run as it becomes available, which will probably be in not too long. Already in his time is spoke of beginning of the 2017, and seems that that is going to meet with much precision.

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