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Stacker, a game of skill, free, simple and without advertising

Although it is true that there are high level and with great complexity for smart phones games, games that actually have success, are those that stand out due to its simplicity. It is the case of Stacker, a game of skill that stands out for being simple, completely free of charge and without advertising.

I am of those people who always arrives late. Others must always wait for me. I am also of those who say that it wouldn’t mind me having to wait for others. Simply, I would choose a game, I would leave it to pass the time. An argument is that never with them to convince others. And indeed it seems logical to me, because the truth is that they still have to wait for me always. But if I was you had to wait, one of the games that would take with me would be a Stacker.

And no, Stacker is not a high level game. It is not known for its graphic quality. Nor is a game with an argument or high complexity. In fact, it might seem complicated say that it is a game. Each start time will last more than 30 seconds. But even so, it is a good game for when you have to let the time pass.

It is a game of skill where you have to get going stacking blocks one on top of another. If you get that they match perfectly, the block may even grow. If it does not match perfectly, the block section that does not match will be eliminated, by what ever you will have a smaller base for stacking the next block. The goal is to make the Tower high up as possible. You will hardly get to 50 blocks, so you can imagine the simplicity of game. The key is to try to overcome and reach ever higher.

WP-Appbox: Stacker (Free, Google Play) →

But the ideal is that Stacker is a game free of charge and without advertising. It takes up little space, and is very simple. An ideal game for bus trips, or for those who have provided that wait for others.

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