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Spotify will mimic a Pokémon GO and take us to the street to listen to music

Pokémon GO was the game of last year. The incredible amount of users which capto and the combination with the technology of augmented reality became the phenomenon of the year 2016. Now Spotify could follow the same path.

Spotify and augmented reality

The idea of Spotify would be similar to the Pokémon GO, but obviously also different, because we are not talking about a game, but listen to music. Even so, the key is that Spotify would also be augmented reality. At the moment, this begins with a pilot project, but the truth is that in the long run this could offer many more possibilities.

In the initial pilot project of Spotify will do that we can only listen to some songs when it is raining in our region. Thus, it is the weather which in this case will serve as a reference so that we can listen to some songs.

This project will begin in the United States with a solo album, but it would be rare that with time I was applied in other ways.

For example, Pokémon GO was a game that got that users, instead of staying at home, had to go out and move to achieve their goals, ending with the sedentary lifestyle. Obviously will not be exactly equal in the case of Spotify, but your could make us go out to listen to some tunes. It is possible that some albums can only be heard when we are running, or when we travel at a certain speed.

May this be really useful? The truth is that it does not seem clear. Pokémon GO is a game. But Spotify is an application that we use to listen to music. So it can be annoying that you can listen to some songs have to give certain weather conditions or we have to go to the street, except that also provide an interesting factor for the users. We will see how this first pilot.

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