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Some banned in Pokémon GO users can come back… others will not never

Pokémon GO has been a phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming. In fact, many users began to look for tricks that can advance faster or get best Pokemon. However, Niantic soon began to ban these users who used tricks and they were cheating. Now some of them have been able to return, but others will not return ever.

Pokemesh will be saved

Services as Pokemesh or Pokeradar, that served to locate where were them Pokemon, seems that is have saved, and those users that them used have to opportunity of return to the game, provided is commit to not use a service of this type. We assume that using it again will be a definitive ban on the game. However, the reason why you have undone these bans has to do with these services affecting servers of the game, but did not provide a much more special advantage to players with respect to others, beyond the power find Pokemon faster in their own city.

Pokemon GO

Bans permanent

Even so, some bans that remain in force, and according to Niantic will be permanent. These bans are those who have given the possibility to users to modify the place in which they are to move to another city and be able to capture Pokemon that are not available in our city, or at least aren’t as easy to get. These users will follow banned permanently, so it will never use more video game. Assume, that Yes, that these not will have problems for create a new account and use the game with another has. This means having to start from scratch, with no Pokemon and no experience, but in any case, that will is not more used such tricks to get Pokemon from other regions, or to move from one place to another very quickly and unfairly.

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