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So you can use Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung, on your phone

Samsung presented just a few days ago your S8 Galaxy and with it, Bixby, its new flagship virtual assistant. Samsung is not far behind and plant face to virtual attendees of all companies: Siri, Apple; Alexa, at Amazon; Cortana, Microsoft; or Google Assistant. At the moment, Bixby is designed for brand new phone but it is possible to have it in any other Android phone.

The company aims to launch the application on Google Play for all phones but he is not yet known when will do it and how. However, for those who can not wait and would like to have your Samsung with Bixby, you can do so thanks to XDA Developers developers who have managed to install the wizard on other phones. To carry out the process, it is necessary that the phone works with the operating system tondroid Nougat. If so, the first thing you have to do is install the launcher of Galaxy S8 in the phone and, once installed, download and install the APK file Bixby which will cause that the wizard begins to operate in the phone.

Bixby already installed in your phone, it will have to enable it and restart the device so that it begins to operate. Once the process is complete, you will have to slide to the right display for options will appear in the virtual assistant and configure the settings as appropriate to each and according to needs, that same would already have the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Bixby is designed to compete with the personal assistants from other companies but, at the moment, it is only official for the two new models from Samsung: Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy. The wizard will be available for phones since the launch, which will be on April 28 in our country, and will be integrated with native applications of the brand but also designed to work with third-party applications.Instalar Bixby en tu teléfono

The Assistant will be integrated in the phone with its own button, and help the user to perform all sorts of tasks, just ask them. If Bixby does not know any of the functions to run, thanks to the learning algorithms that will do that, the more you use it, can be more functions done and more easily. In addition, boasts Bixby Vision, a function capable of using the device’s camera to make smart Visual searches either scanning a barcode or looking for information about a picture or monument or knowing every detail about a product, as it already does Goggles, Google recognition system.

Reconocimiento de imágenes Bixby

The system is not yet available in Spanish and only works in English and Korean, though Samsung says it is working to make it available as soon as possible. But if you speak English, following the simple steps of the developers already you can try how it is to have your own virtual assistant on a Samsung phone.

The article thus use Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung, published on AndroidAyuda on your phone.

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