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So would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 4K, Bixby, improved S-Pen…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was withdrawn from the market. Is believed that could be the end of this line of smartphones. But the truth is that it seems to be not so. Now come new information about that would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The technical features of this phone would be really notable. From a screen 4 K, until An improved S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: hit the market

Despite multiple rumors saying that Samsung might decide to not launch more Galaxy Note, it seems that that will not be so. And in fact, it is logical. To the end and after the, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not have why be different of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Only by contain the name Note does not mean that go to exploit, that is the reality. And it has always been a mobile that has delighted users. Remember that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after having been retired, continued active more units that of mobile as the LG V20, the best mobile that launched this company the year past. This gives us an idea of the great success of the mobile phone, both before and since appeared technical defects which resulted in their retreat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

Many new features for mobile

According to the new information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would have some of the most striking developments. To start, will count with the Assistant smart Bixby, which will see arrive already in the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is logical because we are speaking to the end and after a mobile that will be a ship logo of the company. Specifically, it is the great mobile that Samsung would release in the second half of the year. However, Bixby not would be or much less it more relevant. Something that Yes will make mobile will differ from the S8 Galaxy would be its screen. And is that your display would be with a resolution 4 K. This resolution would be achieved for the improvement of quality for virtual reality.

In addition, said that the S-Pen pointer would be improved with respect to previous versions, something that will be very positive, because it has always been something that has become a best-seller, this Smartphone the fact of having a stylus with which to write and draw on the screen by hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however, not come until the second half of the year, so there is still quite some time. Still, it is good news which go to arrive at the market, because at the end and at the end it was a smartphone with unique features that must follow available.

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