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So will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge black glossy that will compete with the iPhone 7

Yes, can that, as to me, not you like the finish black bright of the iPhone 7 by its appearance similar to the plastic, when really should be more premium. But it seems that to the market itself you like. Already have seen others manufacturers that are are running to the fashion of the Black bright, and the last in make it would be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, to which already can see in photographs of the new version with the finished in bright.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge black glossy

Apple decided to launch a new color with its latest iPhone 7. Well, actually not can tell that out a new color, because is was of the black, and already had a mobile in this color in the market. However, that modified the finish of the mobile, leaving of side the Matt own of the aluminum, and passing to the brightness that is obtained by means of a complex process of polishing applied to the metal. Other manufacturers have imitated this same, as is the case of Doogee. However, it seems that now Samsung also wants to launch a mobile with that compete with the iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Negro Brillante

Is would be of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in its version black bright, to which now can see in photographs and that us confirms your new finish. In this case, that Yes, not is is of a metal polishing as occurs in the case of the iPhone 7 or of the Doogee. In this case the smartphones is glass, so it already is brilliant. However, there was a version black matte of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, while this version will be with a Finish bright that will make that is seems to the iPhone 7, with a difference, and is that this will be bright of truth. The Apple, mobile to be polished-aluminum, has a more typical of the plastic finish.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Negro Brillante

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, in this case, it will be bright, and will have a very glossy finish, more typical of the glass.

Of time not know when will come the new phone intelligent, but seems quite logical that reaches before end this 2016 so can be a success in the sales of end of year. Thus, a new version that will land in the 2016 to treat of give a new aspect to the mobile after the Galaxy Note 7 has had that be retired, and that is une to the Group of which already formed part the version Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral.

The article thus will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge black glossy that will compete with the iPhone 7 are published in AndroidAyuda.

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