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So they will be Android N updates

Updates of an operating system for mobile devices have become key for several reasons. The most important ones tend to be corrections of errors and security patches, but the arrival of new features is usually what most draws the attention to the users. As well, with Android N will be a new way of working in this section in the development of the Mountain View company. We tell you how exactly work.

We are specifically talking about what was indicated in the pair event developers of Google which was held last month, and the name that has been given to the new functionality is Seamless , and wanted you users to have to worry about much less when it comes to receiving updates and, in addition, they are much easier to implement by manufacturers, and thus reduce the time that it takes to publish by these. The case is that it is possible that with Android N starts to, definitely, to reduce fragmentation in the work of the Mountain View company, right now it’s really big and, e.g. Marshmallow is just 9% of the market, a fact almost chilling truth.

Logotipo de Google I/O 2016

What is changed

Case is that co Seamless in Android N copied one of the best things that has the Chromebooks: these and update on background , without that users hardly notice it and, moreover, do so in small blocks, so it is possible to add new options without having to be a full firmware – as is known now. In addition, avoids taking that performs searches and, also, that is the user which accept the installation (there will always be a possibility that this will not be installed of automatically, but it will not be advisable). I.e., all much more harmless and simple.

Seamless de Android N estructurado

By the way, a really interesting detail is that with Android handsets will have two images inside , one which includes the download, and the other that is functional. When you get a new version this is left in the background without notice and at the beginning of the device, is checked if this is current at that moment is used. If so, we proceed to the installation. This, it has been confirmed that it will be part of the Nexus and remains to be seen if other companies implement it. Personally, I think it would be a success.

Can it be a problem?

The use of Seamless which will arrive in Android N is obviously much more comfortable and manageable for companies, there is no doubt. Shown in the Chromebooks that your performance is good and that users accept this way of working without problems. But., occasionally there may be problems.

Acer Chromebook 15

The first is that if there is an update with a problem recognized in a new firmware and this is not detected so early those affected may be many (although the very quick solution). If Android Seamless N arrives with an option to revert to a previous version of manual fom, it would be perfect. In addition, and perhaps most important, is that it is possible that one arises that if the manufacturers shipping method is intercepted, problems can be of safety. With the above mentioned Google computers this has not gone, so this is something that there is no sign that might happen. What do think?

The article thus will be updates of Android N was published in AndroidAyuda.

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