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So the Samsung Galaxy S8 compared in size to the other flagships

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be without a doubt the Grand launch of this year 2017. Still there will be to wait until end of April for the launch official of this smartphone. But with them data that is have filtered, already is has created a comparison of size relative that will have this mobile with regard to the rest of the ships badges of the market.

An of the main features of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the design optimized from the phone smart. The screen frames have been removed almost entirely, and this makes mobile, in relation to your screen size, is very small compared to the of the flagships of the last year.

Samsung Galaxy S8, as Huawei P10 and Google Pixel

According to the data that have been leaked so far, and which are supplemented by what he has shown today the name “leakster” @onleaks, but that still cannot be considered as definitive until the official launch of the mobile at the end of April, the Samsung Galaxy S8 have a very similar to the Huawei P10 and Google Pixel size smaller version.

Would like to compare #Samsung #GalaxyS8 vs #GalaxyS8Plus vs #GalaxyNote7 and maybe more? Just ask and forget approximate Weibo crap… 😉

-OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) March 8, 2017

This will be something very remarkable, because these two mobile come with with a screen of 5.1 inches and 5.0 inches, respectively. While the Samsung Galaxy S8 of smaller format will include a 5.7-inch display. It will be slightly larger than these two mobile phones, but also slightly smaller than the G6 LG, which has a screen of the same size. LG has already done a great job with the optimization of the size of its new flagship. Therefore, the work done by Samsung is still more remarkable.

Galaxy S8 Tamaño

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, as the iPhone 7 Plus

Of course, must be taken into account, which will be two versions of the new flagship of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be the version other well. And using the same graph that allowed us to compare the S8 Galaxy, we can see that this new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have a very similar to the iPhone 7 Plussize. There will be a very important difference, but is that while the Apple Mobile has a 5.5 inch screen, the screen of the new great smartphone from Samsung will be 6.1-inch.

The mobile will be even smaller than the Nexus 6 p, whose screen was 5.7 inches. This means that the design/display relationship will still most notable in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Even so, it will have to wait at the end of March to confirm all these new data, when formally presented the two new versions of the flagship of Samsung.

The article thus is the Samsung Galaxy S8 compared in size to the other ships logo was published in AndroidAyuda.

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