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So the new ARM Mali-G71 GPU coming to Android

Graphics cards (or GPU) of mobile terminals with Android are increasingly important when measuring their performance, since this depends on the behavior when running games – especially if it contains graphics in three dimensions, and also, the best or worst management of images shown on screen-. The fact is that a new model hits the market: ARM Mali-G71. So we tell you all about this component.

This GPU Vienna be a breakthrough the current Mali (T880, found in devices such as e.g. the S7 Galaxy, with its Exynos processor), by which seeks to enhance the performance and, as not, reduce consumption. And, to this end, s and counting on a new architecture, called Bifrost – leaving behind, so the called Midgard. Remain, therefore, names with references to Norse mythology.

Evolución de la gama de GPU ARM Mali

Evidence of improvement, the company has announced that the ARM Mali-G71 is 20% more efficient in energy section – in test carried out under identical conditions as with the T880-, so it gets less hurry batteries. And also their ability in managing information is also higher, and stands at 40%. Thus, gets that much better exploits the small space that have really good GPUS within processors and speaks of a work by manufacturer and designer.

How is this done?

Rise of the essential elements that make up a graphics when it comes to work, as for example the “cores shader”. These have passed from the current model 16 32, doubling its capacity and power of work. Other important details of the new ARM Mali-G71 is that it allows to work with 120 Hz maximum frequency – ideal for virtual reality environments – and, in addition, is able to work with 4K resolutions and create reductions in border (anti-aliasing) type multi-sample. Closer to the consoles, there is no doubt.

Estructura de la GPU ARM Mali-G71

As it can not be otherwise, the ARM Mali-G71 is compatible with the API Vulkan – that will be essential in the near future of mobile technology by releasing the CPU working. Also includes technology CoreLink CCI-550, which enables graphics card and processor cores to use the same memory, which reduces the times when working with data (increasing the performance in 1.5 on the T80).

Quad Vectorización and more

This is one of the great innovations of the ARM Mali-G71 GPU, since it allows to work in a clock cycle occur with greater speed without losing stability or increase the temperature. This what it means is that the creation of three-dimensional graphics (axes X, and y Z) executes before, what favors that the operation will be much faster. Thus, the same amount of information is managed before, essential for advanced titles.

Dibujo de uso de memoria de la ARM Mali-G71

Another technology that uses the ARM Mali-G71 is known as Quad Manager . With this advance instructions running van grouped in a more efficient way, so its compilation and later sent to the screen is easier for hardware and therefore stability is major and minor energy expenditure-. Additionally, the shadows and other advanced effects also are favored.

Quad Vectorization de la ARM Mali-G71

In the announcement of the new ARM Mali-G71 GPU, it has been suggested that the first models that use processors with this component will come in 2017 , so manufacturers are already working on their implementation. So, thinking that the Samsung Galaxy S8 use it is completely viable. And, this could be a qualitative leap when playing and, of course, to Virtual reality.

The article thus is the new ARM Mali-G71 GPU that will reach the Android was published in AndroidAyuda.

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