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So see the Sense interface on devices that are not HTC

The user interface HTC Sense is one of the best, but the best, user personality interfaces that exist on the “scene” Android. Few resources consumed along with the extensive possibilities offered are an undeniable attraction that make it an excellent choice. To date this work was only available for devices of the Taiwanese company, but this will change, and already works so that you can use in others. So much so, that have been published some images showing how tests.

Already a few days ago confirmed that the work existed since some users had been chosen to be testers and, therefore, received a few emails that were given access to the test version of HTC Sense so they installed it in their terminals that were not of the Taiwanese company. There were certain doubts about the version of the interface that I would try, and these have disappeared since with the images that have been it is clear that it is the eighth delivery, the same which is starting in the 10 HTC.

Then we leave a few images in which HTC Sense 8 (8.01.772516) looks like is in a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , which is one of the models in which the compatibility of all the options that are heading in this user interface that works without problems on Android Marshmallow being checked:

HTC Sense 8 en un Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Good appearance

The truth is that it is not too bad how is the HTC Sense interface on a device that is not of the Taiwanese company. Obviously there are some questions to be done with respect to compatibility, as for example it will look like on models with range Galaxy Edge curved screen or work with cameras so peculiar as are the starting in the Huawei P9. But, the fact is that work exists and is already in evidence.

Fondo del HTC 10 con Sense 8

Personally see me this movement of HTC a success . On the one hand will expand the use of its interface and, by extension, their own applications so that you will be favored for this reason (and will expand its scope of work clearly). On the other, and because of the good Sense it appears to me, that users can give you use whatever your device, is welcome. What do think?

The article thus looks the interface Sense on devices that are not HTC was published in AndroidAyuda.

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