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So is the design of the Moto X 2017 that would arrive in January

Moto X is a smartphone that is to be released this year. Lenovo launched the G bike, and then bike Z as new vessel launched logo with modular design. However, has not reached the Moto X, which could land early next year as the Moto X 2017, with a design similar to the Moto Z, but not be modular.

Moto X 2017, returning to the original design

Lenovo has decided that Moto is your brand of smartphones by default, and forget about the Lenovo name, since in the end and after the bike is much more well known and has been much more successful. This year the Moto G4 has been released in two versions, and has been a very interesting mobile in the middle range.¬†Moto Z has been the big bet of the company of 2016, with a modular design that could have been revolutionary, but that has not been. The modules not have finished of having success, and to the end only is compare it in features technical with their rival. It is not bad at all, but impossible to compete with a Samsung Galaxy S7, which had already dropped in price. So, it seems that the company’s strategy is to return to the previous ship logo, a Moto X 2017 whose design we already know thanks to some unofficial renderings, but they seem quite logical, and that you can see in the video below.

Without modules

A priori, what stands out is the absence of those modules. Perhaps could have thought that for power follow selling modules, or to offer them to them users that have acquired some it opportunity of continue using them, the company could launch new mobile of range high compatible with these. But if that is the design of the smartphone, it is hard to be so. We do not find a connector for modules, what makes us think that the company won’t continue launching modules of this type, at least with the Moto X 2017. It was logical, we knew that they would not have much success, but surely that does not love to users who have already bought several.

The smartphone has a design similar to the Moto Z, with that block of the circular, but with a more traditional design camera. Probably won’t be as thin as the Moto Z without any module, but will include an improved design, water resistant (Moto G4 had splash resistance and was a medium range), as well as with an important battery, as the thickness of the mobile so we believe.

Moto X 2017 It could be presented already the month coming into CES 2017, and would be part of the strategy of Lenovo to compete with their rivals with a flagship with a more traditional design, and to recover the essence of leading brand mobile.

The article as well is the design of the Moto X 2017 that would arrive in January was published in AndroidAyuda.

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