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So is the design of the future Samung Galaxy S8?

It Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one of the moving of the year. And of which is by reach, probably is the more close between them more popular. Already have that be determined the design of the same. A prototype definitive of the mobile has to be ready. And now have renders that could confirm the design of the new mobile. More beyond of that is this or not the design of the new smartphone, which themselves have are new data about the phone smart.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Obviously, this kind of renders them will see repeated on multiple occasions, because they are relatively easy to generate based on previous phones, and images updates which seems that the smartphone will have. Mobile which you can see below looks a lot like the designs that we have seen in the flagships of Samsung, which may be a reason to believe that the Galaxy S8 will definitely be so.

Samsung Galaxy S8

However, the fact that it seems, can also be a sign that the mobile phone will actually be different, because it makes sense – and also we had already heard of this possibility, is that mobile has a design renovated with respect to the previous Samsung Galaxy S7. Is as is, here you have the images of the mobile so it analicéis you themselves.

Samsung Galaxy S8

A version with no curve display

The information that arrive lately and that itself seem to be much more precise have that see with the made of that the mobile could get in a version without display curve. Would not be somewhat strange if we consider that the Samsung Galaxy S7 already came in two versions, a curve and a standard. However, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 us find with a single version with screen curve, by what seemed relatively normal thinking that already only would be mobile of range high with screen curve. However, it could not be so.

Samsung Galaxy S8

In reality, taking into account the problems that had the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, derived from its design, the possibility of that decision has to do with save the situation by launching two versions of mobile. Is something intelligent, for any manufacturer. If one of them were failures, there would be problems, the other would be chosen by the users. With sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and those who were active after the withdrawal of the mobile market, is still clear that many users had purchased the mobile or have replaced it by a version without curved screen. That could be the strategy of Samsung.

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