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So Chrysaor, dangerous malware spyware which threatens to Android

Malware has become the main nightmare of many companies. Google, in its fight to protect devices, is entrenta to a new malware spyware detected on their devices: Chrysaor. It has been discovered by the Lookout security company and is one of the spy software more elaborate discovered in recent times. The ciberatacador can access e-mail from the device, the history of navigation, posts by different messaging applications (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter…) and even seeing the screen, hear or record what is happening on the phone.

Google has explained that Chrysaor has been created by NSO Group Technologies, a company dedicated to the creation and sale of software of this type and infrastructure in targeted attacks, and that it is related to the spyware Pegasus, first discovered in Apple’s operating system. Chrysaor was the devices through applications that were not available in Google Play and works in the phone and thus taking remote control of the same. When installed, the application uses exploits to gain privileges within the phone.

From Mountain View, they explain how it works Chrysaor, using various techniques for the collection of user data. The malware enables you to collect user data including SMS, call logs, history of the browser, calendar, emails or messages from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or Viber, among others. Chrysaor also acts making screenshots of the device and via the ‘keylogging’, i.e. to record what is written with that terminal. Other espionage techniques used by malware are, for example, the Roomtap, the access to the microphone of your phone to listen to the conversations.

The application, in addition, to avoid being discovered, is capable of self-destruction. If you can not interact with the server in 60 days, which translates as that has been discovered in the terminal, is removed by itself infected phone.

However, since Mountain View ensures there is no worry because so far only three dozen devices Android have been affected by malicious software, the more than 1.4 billion Android devices active in circulation. Most of those affected have been in Israel, Georgia and Mexico but also in Turkey, Kena, Ukraine and Nigeria, among others. Google ensures that users of 30 devices affected have already been notified and Chrysaor has been barred from these terminals. In addition, information from affected devices has met to get greater protection from the rest of Android users.

In addition, to avoid falling into Chrysaor or any other related malware attacks, Google has published a series of safety tips to your users how to install applications only from official sources and reliable as Google Play; enable displays security lock on the phone like a PIN code, a password or a pattern; or always keep updated the device so that it has the necessary security patches.

The article thus is Chrysaor, dangerous malware spyware that threatens Android was published in AndroidAyuda.

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