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Simplest Reminder, the app more simple to create reminders

Not I am stupid. I love so start a post, but it is always good to make it clear. I’m not a stupid person, but I have a great facility for forgetting things, and tasks, and end up not doing a task that is important (see: loading the camera battery). Therefore, that having an app of reminders for me is vital. But in addition to not being stupid, I don’t like to waste any more time in having to use an app that to execute a certain action, why I love Simplest Reminder.

Simplest Reminder

The Simplest Reminders key is in his name. The simplest possible reminder. And there are many applications of organization in Google Play. Many apps of tasks, with lots of options. And the big problem that I see in these applications, is that first you have to learn to use them well, understand them, and choose an app that matches what you are looking for. After that, one may arise if really is the best app or not. But also, in many cases is us dan so many options at the time of create a reminder, that one is asked if of truth is only a reminder or if is a form of the Declaration of the income.

Simplest Reminder

That do not occur with Simplest Reminder. Launch the app, write what like that you remember, adjust the date and the time, and guards the reminder. Then you have more options, Yes. Can configure the app with some settings more, but what I like is that for power save a reminder not have that lose nothing of time, only write what like that you remember and adjust a time and a date in which wants that you send a reminder, that to the end and within is what all seek , not? At least, that is my case. If is also the yours, Simplest Reminder is a great option.

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