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Shutter Count, an app to see the photos shot with your Sony or Nikon

The shutters of cameras have a certain shelf life. Depending on the range of the camera, this is top or bottom. Can see shutters that come to them 150,000 photographs, while others do not come so far. Now well, how know how many photos we have fired with the shutter of our camera? With this app for Android we know it easily.

Shutter Count

The application in question is called Shutter Count, and although there are online services that offer similar functions, the truth is that Shutter Count has the advantage being an app that we can carry on the mobile, so we won’t have to resort to a computer with Internet access, but that we may simply use our smartphone. To see the photos that we have captured with shutter, we only need to transfer a picture from the camera the camera to mobile. This photo can be in RAW format or in JPEG format. It is important that the picture has not been processed or subsequently modified after removing the camera.

Shutter Count

We can remove it from the camera to the smartphone in various ways. By means of a memory card, for example, if we use microSD with SD adapter to Nikon or Sony, camera through the WiFi function of these cameras, or through any other way that you have to transfer the picture of the camera to mobile. The only important thing, as we have already said, is do not forget us we need that image has not been subsequently processed after removing the camera. I.e., that not have made modifications, for example, in Lightroom or Photoshop, or in some other software of Edition photo.

With this picture the app will be able to tell us the photos that we have been flying with our camera. Very useful when arises some problem with the camera, not works correctly, and have doubts of if have arrived to the limit of the life useful of the shutter of the camera’s photos.

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