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Select the apps you want to rotate on the screen with Rotation Manager

One of the functions that are blocked by default in your terminal is the automatic screen rotation. The gyroscope is the device that is responsible for recognizing the position of the phone to change the view of a vertical application to view, although there are some applications that do not allow it. Rotation Manager is the application that automatically rotates the screen to make better use of any software.

Change the view of an app without moving the phone

Some applications of your single terminal have posture as it happens in most of the games. But the rest of the tools can be in the position that seems more comfortable to view content or writing, as it is the case of WhatsApp or word processor from Google called documents, to name a few apps. The camera also comes into this batch, and is there who would prefer to fix the display in widescreen mode by default.

Rotation Manager is the app that will rotate for you apps and leave them in a box forever posture. Does not need to have your terminal rooted, so once you download it for free from the Google Store Play will have to take a quick look at the small introductory tutorial. Basically, asks the activation of two permissions: the first is activation of a notification to verify that the app is running (which you’ll see at the top of the screen. The other is a tracking permission so that the app finds the programs that you have installed and recognize if they can or not flip.

rotate manager

Then a list will open before you with all installed applications. To the right you will see two icons to click that represents the position in which you want to open an app. Thus programs that you open will do so in the format that you have chosen to always.

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