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See what models Sony Xperia will receive Android 7.0 first

Users who have a Sony device have an important information you know. This is about the future update of the devices of this company to the Nougat version of the operating system. Therefore, if you want to know which models Sony Xperia will receive Android 7.0 will give the jump, we tell it to you.

The information arrives in an official way, since these data have been known at a press conference with the Japanese company in Slovakia . In this way, must not be any doubt that what is known is the intention that the manufacturer has (if there are no problems of development and, therefore, any unwanted delay). The case is already there even dates to know what Sony Xperia will receive Android 7.0.

Sony Xperia X Performance

The two first will be, as it cannot be otherwise, devices that belong to the latest range of devices that the company announced in the past, Mobile World Congress. We speak of the Sony Xperia XZ and X Performance, which will get Nougat next month of October 2016. In this way, demonstrates that is has all advanced developers and you want to be as soon as possible.

So the Sony Xperia XZ, the new flagship of the company

Other confirmed models

But, obviously, are not only the previous two devices that will be updated. In an image that we leave behind this paragraph you can see that other models Sony Xperia will receive Android 7.0. And, the truth is that they are enough and quite different ranges. In addition, the dates of many of them are not nothing away, though some will receive the firmware in 2017 – which belong to the less powerful range-:

Lista de primersos ony Xperia recibirán Android 7.0

A nice touch is that there are various terminals belonging to the range Xperia Z which will get Google Nougat, as for instance the Z3 + or the Xperia Z4 tablet (this being a surprise). In addition, and as often happens with the Japanese company, then other models are added to that will be updated, so that these can be taken as a “first batch”.

The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra begin receiving Android Marshmallow

Do you think what has been known connection to which models Sony Xperia will receive Android 7.0?

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