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Secure Eraser: recover files deleted from your Android never

Often need to recover a file that has been deleted from an Android device, but there are moments in which seeks the opposite: that what is eliminated are sure that you will not have access in any way again. As well, this is what is achieved exactly with the application Secure Eraser.

To use this development what is done is to remove any trace that remains in the internal memory of the phone or tablet that is used, so it it will not be possible to recover any of the forms that are currently known to do this (such as using development called Undelete). Therefore, Secure Eraser provides security to deletion, but this should be kept in mind since we are talking about an irrevocable process.

Aplicación Secure Eraser para Android

Basically, what is done with Secure Eraser is writing new data – once or several times, as needed – free space that you have on your Android device, eliminating of permanently internal information that exist in each of the cells in the storage memory. In this way, it is not possible to retrieve information since this has been removed definitively from the device in question.

Uses Secure Eraser

The use of this development is not for all, complex. But remember that carrying out the indicated process removes the option to recover data (something that more than one user has needed later, so it is has to be very sure what we do). By the way, Secure Eraser offers the option of working either with the internal memory as with the external giving use to a drop-down menu that is at the top.

Once this and selected the method to use, the ideal is to let the so-called Random (its effectiveness is very high), just press the button called Start – Secure Eraser is not translated, but it is not just the language – dependent and hopes to complete the process. Simple is everything.

Secure Eraser lugar
Tipo de borrado en Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser download is done in Play Store use giving the image that we leave then and you don’t have to pay anything for it . The minimum requirements are also very low: Android 2.3 or higher and ter free 2 MB of space. The case is that this development is a good tool for when sold a mobile terminal, or is given away (and, thus, make sure that there is nothing inside).

WP-Appbox: Secure Eraser (Free, Google Play) →

Other applications for Android will get to know them in this section of Android support, where there are explanations and possibilities for all kinds of needs that you may have.

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