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Save battery turn off Bluetooth and WiFi?

All of our mobile feature WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Of course, they also have great defect that its autonomy fails, in the best of cases, the two days, as it is the case with all smartphones. Something that always says is that that whenever possible is a good idea to disconnect the WiFi and Bluetooth. But would really save battery turn off WiFi and Bluetooth?

WiFi and Bluetooth

WiFi and Bluetooth are two technologies of wireless connectivity. In general, the WiFi it use to connect us to networks of connection to Internet fixed that share your connection by means of a router. The Bluetooth use it to directly connect two devices, such as headphones, keyboards, video game controls.

From a theoretical point of view, these two technologies, active, consume energy. And Yes, the truth is that it is so. However, do really we have to worry about disabling these technologies whenever possible? The answer is that in reality, hardly ever we give them importance.

In a case where we do not have anything battery and is essential to keep it, then yes it will be ideal that we try to disable these two systems of wireless connectivity. But when truth is essential to conserve battery and not let the Bluetooth and WiFi to use for anything. In a normal way, it is best to leave them assets.

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WiFi can help save battery power

It is that really the WiFi can help us to save battery power. How is that something that consumes energy, can do that we can save battery it possible? Maybe because when it consumes power it works correctly, it will make other systems of mobile spend less battery power. It is the case of the mobile connect 3 G or 4 G. These connections spend much more battery. If we are connected by our mobile network we will spend more battery, and more even if we are in a poor coverage area and your mobile phone has to be constantly raising the intensity of the signal to capture coverage of antennas. The cost of battery is reduced if instead of having an active mobile connection, the smartphone is connected to WiFi work, for example, or the home. If you decide to turn off the WiFi because during the journey you will not to use on the way to work, and then you forget to activate it, what you spend very little time already to bequeath to your work will be higher than the battery that will have spent the WiFi being on hold. Conclusion, leaves the active WiFi. Almost always saves more battery than it spends.

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Bluetooth low energy consumption

Before Bluetooth consuming lot of battery. Now the Bluetooth already does not consume so much energy, that connection is much better. So much so that we can listen to high quality music using Bluetooth as a means of connection. The current system is BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy. It is a system that spends very little battery just by being connected. We have connected smart bracelets, clocks, headphones… Clear, the moment in which we are playing music, you’re spending battery, but as if have it connected by cable, or in a very similar way. The key is to turn it off when we don’t have it connected to anything do not have much logic. It is so little battery that spends, only having on screen in order to go to fast Bluetooth set and disable it can spent more energy.

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Forget the battery management systems

But there is still something that is worse than to be always aware of if Bluetooth or WiFi is enabled, which will consume already by itself more battery by what we have said. Screen spending, and spending of activate and deactivate these connection technologies already represent an important battery consumption, rather than leaving them activated. However, if in addition to this we installed a battery Manager that automatically turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, then already that we will have finished completely with any logical reasoning.

We think that these applications have to be permanent running. Sometimes they are applications that use GPS to determine when to activate the WiFi. When it locates that we come to work, active WiFi. Already… and you spend with the GPS? But let us suppose that you don’t use GPS, but simply limited to disconnect the WiFi and Bluetooth when we take half an hour without using it. Only that the application is active to be able to be monitoring times already consume more battery.

And let’s think something. If really these systems were so useful to save battery power, would would not be already integrated by the manufacturers themselves of natively from year ago, and even by the Google?

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