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Samsung will forget the capacitive buttons on the Galaxy S8

In the Smartphonemarket, there are many different designs in all brands, but very few of them are characteristic designs and which represent a brand in particular. One of these designs is that of Samsung, and no, we are not talking about the famous curved display which included for the first time last year with the S6 Edge, but they we’re talking about your button home and two capacitive buttons on the sides. We can say that now, the set of this button home and them buttons capacitive of back and of multitasking, are a password of Samsung, that could change in the Galaxy S8.

Samsung will use buttons on the screen

He has not yet finished the year and already we are starting to hear many rumors about how the new terminal for the high-end Samsung. This Samsung Galaxy S8 has many demands, after the Note 7 was withdrawn from the market. Needs to regain the confidence of all the users that has defraudad, and Samsung believes that the best way to do this is to make a truly innovative terminal. The first rumors that began to hear about this terminal is that it would be a design similar to the MIX my Xiaomi, since it would have a front with a great ratio of screen, not to say that it could be all screen. By fault of the design, the button home would be integrated in the part bottom of the screen, but of what not is had spoken still is of their famous buttons of navigation.

Galaxy S8

Samsung would use this S8 Galaxy about navigation within the screen buttons, and would be the first time that he would use them in this way, since it has always recognized Samsung for betting by putting them on the chassis of the terminal. But this is not the only news, since these buttons have multiple functions, and is that this Galaxy S8 would take on the screen Touch, 3D technology which would recognize the pressure applied to the terminal at all times, and these navigation buttons would have several functions depending on the pressure with which you click them, but we still don’t know what kind of actions will have.

Samsung will stake everything for the Galaxy S8

According to all the leaks that we are arriving lately, the Galaxy S8 going to be a smartphone really innovative. See a design similar to the my MIX with a large screen and new technologies as a sensor of traces in screen or the 3D Touch, but the bad news will be that apparently, until April of 2017 not know nothing of form official of it.

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