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Samsung will begin to test the Galaxy X folding soon

The Samsung Galaxy X could be one of the most mobile innovative launch this year 2017. It’s a smartphone with folding screen, which would be a level more in innovation with respect to mobile phones with curved screen. We now know that Samsung could start testing now with a definitive Samsung Galaxy X soon.

Phone with foldable screen

The Samsung Galaxy Edge with its curved screen already arrived to change forever mobile high-end Samsung, now only you can buy with a curved screen, as it is the only version that exists even in the different variants of the smart phone. However, soon Samsung could launch the innovation that would become the respite of the curved screen, and is folding screen. Years ago that refers to this screen, and that Samsung has been presenting different prototypes of this display. However, it now appears that the Samsung Galaxy X could soon enter into tests within Samsung, so the release end of this year could be quite likely.

Samsung Galaxy X Plegable

Samsung Galaxy X with two screens

However, the funny thing is that it is now said that the Samsung Galaxy X could count on two screens, something that much attention us given that precisely a key feature of the mobile would be the ability to make the screen could be folded. Logically, if they are two screens it is because they would be folding. But what would the novelty in a mobile phone that would have two screens, and that prayer by half? The truth is that there would be no great novelty. Although it remains to be seen exactly what is concerned with two screens, and if in fact it is a single screen that can be folded. It is also to be confirmed is the idea that has Samsung for this phone, because it might be a phone with two large format screens, which almost becomes a tablet, or it could be a mobile small which becomes a mobile large-format with two screens.

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